Unfiltered handcrafted Norwegian gin.
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Experimental batch #001

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Nordic Noir Gin

Norwegian produced gin

Nordic Noir is a rich and tasteful gin. Handcrafted and bottled in Norway. With this gin we have tried to capture the essence of Nordic nature and flavors in one bottle.

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Inspired by the rawness of the Nordic nature
that makes the botanicals strong and tasteful.

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Made in Norway

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Our gin is distilled only once on low temperature – for a long time. We don’t filter it, which makes it kinda raw and unique. Based on Norwegian potato ethanol this gin has a round flavor.


Our interpretation of a traditional gin
combined with Nordic flavors.

We use over 20 botanicals – all Nordic – to give our gin a distinct character without exploding in your mouth. Its simply a gin that is mild and has character. Classy and rich flavored.


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Oslo - Norway